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Mirage Begins Anew in DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Mirage
aka: Mira
First Appearance: Ponycon Twitter (July 22, 2016); Ponycon: New Beginnings (2016)
Species: Draconequus
Age Range: Adolescent
Height: Unknown, taller than an average-sized equine (presumably interchangeable)
Weight: Unknown (presumably interchangeable)
Residence: Friendship Park, Manehattan, Equestria
Occupation: Trickster, Artist, Designer, Storyteller, Ponycon Staff, Mascot
Affiliations: Bowtie, Tiebreaker, Ponycon, various residents and national heroes of Equestria
    Years ago, a peculiar egg was taken from an unknown location, and was transported among others to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 4 1
Spike vs Bowser Jr | Fight! (Part 2/2)
(Author's Note: This is a researched fight. Make sure you read the prelude analysis first before reading onward.
Click here to head on over and read it.
Also, this is part two of a two-part fight. Make sure to read part one first to read where this fight began.

Lastly, please be respectful in the comments. Otherwise you will be blocked along with your comment. Thanks!)

[Picking up from the previous part...]
Both Shadow Mario and Garbunkle stared each other down for a good moment, both awaiting the other’s first move.
Junior slightly took off his bandana (but retained his shadowy appearance) to charge up a blast of fire. In response, Garbunkle also charged his own fire blast.
Both had each other close in their line of sight as they concentrated on their attack. There was no holding back now, as both fire-breathing assistants to royal leaders were now fi
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 15 54
Spike vs Bowser Jr | Fight! (Part 1/2)
(Author's Note: This is a researched fight. Make sure you read the prelude analysis first before reading onward.
Click here to head on over and read it.
Also, this is part one of a two-part fight. Make sure to read part two for the remaining half of the fight and results.
Lastly, please be respectful in the comments. Otherwise you will be blocked along with your comment. Thanks!)

Ace: And so, The Gauntlet is thrown. Could Bowser Jr's thick hide and set of equipment conquer the baby dragon, or could Spike's tough scales and raw firepower triumph over the Koopa prince?
Lance: Only one way to find out! It's time for a right-hand dragon showdown!

    It was early noon in the land of Equestria. As always, the citizens of Ponyville were happily going about their normal lives. Two residents of this town, on
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 18 15
m3Atl0afman - Simple Reference Sheet (2017) :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 2 3 Hula Rainbow Dash - Why Does She Dance? :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 3 0
[SNEAK PREVIEW] Spike VS Bowser Jr | The Gauntlet
(NOTE: If you have not read the prelude analysis for this match-up, I highly recommend reading it over here):

What you're about to read is a short sneak-peak at the first couple of paragraphs for the battle portion of Spike vs Bowser Jr.
As of posting this, the fight is currently being written, and in the meantime, I thought I'd tide you guys over with a little bit of what's to come. I hope you guys enjoy it, I'm having a lot of fun writing it.
A quick note is that there is an excuse plot prior as to why the two are fighting, but I decided against including it here as it's a bit long, and I figured you'd guys like to see more of the combat besides the story. In addition, I will also be including fully-illustrated pictures of some of the scenes from the fight as well. Lastly, what you're about to read is technically tentative, meaning some scenes and/or dialog
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 2 0
Hula Rainbow Dash - Headstanding :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 5 0
Spike VS Bowser Jr [Prelude] | The Gauntlet
The F.U.N. Channel Presents…
In association with RDL Studios & Team Triforce

Inspired by ScrewAttack’s DEATH BATTLE!

The Gauntlet: Spike VS Bowser Jr

Researchers & Hosts:

Ray “m3Atl0afman” Nuñez as Ace; Lawrence “RoyalDudeLorenzo” Azure as Lance

Written by:

Ray “m3Atl0afman” Nuñez

(cue Fighting Stars (Off-Vocal))
Ace: When a warrior is born and raised into leading a community towards their ideal image of lifestyle, they're usually not alone. An assistan
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 16 24
Hula Rainbow Dash Welcomes You to the Island! :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 4 0 Ray and Rainbow Dash - Jungle Island Luau :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 13 0 Luau Rainbow Dash :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 42 3 m3Atl0afman Character Reference Sheet :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 6 8 Authoress Joins the Battle! :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 2 8 Merry Hearth's Warming/Christmas Everypony! (2013) :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 5 0
TFC-MLP:FiM The Memorex Saga Part 3
Both Ray and m3At flashed their way out of the 'Real World', and across the depths of space throughout many multiverses at light speed. They both became flashing-like for about 15 seconds and then instantly appeared in a bright, heavenly-like area, atop bright white clouds. Ray and m3At looked around themselves, and m3At nodded at his counterpart to confirm they were in the right place. In an instant flash of light, a woman appeared, who had bright green hair, blue eyes, a white sleeveless full-body dress with Greek-like design, golden shoulder covers, and a golden tiara surrounding her hair with a diamond-shaped violet jewel emblazed in its center. She had her back turned from the boys, looking outwards to the heavenly sky with her hands folded together. She then turned to the duo, revealing her now erected angelic wings.
m3At nodded at her with a slight smile. "Goddess Cria."
"m3Atl0afman, King of the Ditto," she responded with a slight smile as well. "My faithful Guardian Child. And
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 2 1
TFC-MLP:FiM The Memorex Saga Part 2
"What do you mean 'craving for fun'?" asked m3Atl0afman, as he raised his glowing palm in the air, against their new mysterious foe.
"Oh you'll see soon enough," said the mysterious masked being, shrouded in a glowing dark aura. "If anything, it'll happen so fast, you'll miss and forget what it was like!"
"Quit being ambiguous!" shouted Authoress, as her palms glowed too.
"Just who is this guy?" asked Lorenzo (105) as he drew out and pressed the button on his Pokéball.
Everyone in the party was standing around the hooded masked marauder. Some were outright confused, few tried to look out without fear, but many were making precautionary preparations for a possible brawl.
"We just simply wanna know why you're here," warned Ray, as his dark power ring appeared on his ring finger, holding out a fist.
"Oh, well it's simple really," said the being in a strangely calm voice. "I needed to attend a huge gathering so I can feed my hunger."
"...'Feed your hunger?'" said Lexi as she drew and raise
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 2 1


Girly Rainbow Dash :iconluminaura:luminaura 1,399 77 Easter Bunny :iconuotapo:uotapo 1,890 165 [SS7 E1-2] Almost there... :iconphuocthiencreation:PhuocThienCreation 433 132 S7E1-2 - Teacups and Disappearing :iconluminaura:luminaura 581 34 Prize: Powerpuff Tea Party :iconjksketchy:JKSketchy 1,562 135 Rainbow Dash :iconpsyxofthoros:Psyxofthoros 1,867 332 WHOS AWESOME? TIMMY IS. :icontheknysh:TheKnysh 158 30
[DB] FIGHT - Gordon Ramsay VS Ronald McDonald

The following Death Battle contains strong language and, of course, food and violence.
You have been advised.

I recommend to read the analysis before the fight:

Slumtrimpet: Alright, the fighters are ready to duke it out, it's time to see which one will come out on top!

Ronald McDonald: A Big Mac value meal, a Bacon Ranch Salad and a medium sized Caramel Frappe... alright, it'll be $13.47! 
As the clown holds out his hand, the young client puts the money on the counter and quietly returns to his table.
Ronald: ... Well, thank you for choosing McDonald's!
Ronald puts the money in the cash register with a satisfied smile o
:iconmcgasher:McGasher 41 19
Princess Peach Render :iconfabyrm:FabyRM 27 0 Station of Awakening, Powerpuff Girls :icon4xeyes1987:4xEyes1987 510 40 Bonnie (New Trainer/Performer) :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 59 7 Super Mom :iconinspector97:Inspector97 92 27 Pepsiman!!!! :iconchanman97:ChanMan97 18 6 : Shantae Sprite Portrait Practice : :iconlevel2select:Level2Select 278 37 Pepsiman | Pixel Dailies :iconlevel2select:Level2Select 136 9
Izuku Midoriya VS Shigeo Kageyama - DEATH BATTLE!

Brain: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.
Nocturn: It's time for a 100% Power DEATH BATTLE!
U.A. High, Japan; 11:00 PM
A tall, scruffy man with black hair, dressed in pitch black clothing is seen walking through the school grounds. This man is named Shouta Aizawa, a professional hero, and the homeroom teacher to Class 1-A of U.A. High. A few streetlights dimly lit up the roads that he walked through. He sighed while wandering, almost as if his consciousness was in a whole different plane of reality.
Suddenly, he noticed something that disturbed his peace of mind. A translucent silhouette dashed past Aizawa and entered a nearby storage shed. Curious about this strange phenomenon, the teacher took out a set of keys from his pocket and
:iconnocturnbros:NocturnBros 33 14



Slide2 by m3Atl0afman

Ribbon Girl vs Inkling (ARMS vs Splatoon)

Slide17 by m3Atl0afman

Spring Man vs Spring Man (ARMS vs Mega Man)

Slide7 by m3Atl0afman

Natsu vs Luffy (Fairy Tail vs One Piece)

Slide20 by m3Atl0afman

JonTron vs Markiplier

Slide1 by m3Atl0afman

Yang vs Kolin (RWBY vs Street Fighter)

Slide5 by m3Atl0afman

Peridot vs Starlight Glimmer (Steven Universe vs My Little Pony)

Slide13 by m3Atl0afman

Lapis Lazuli vs Sunset Shimmer (Steven Universe vs My Little Pony)

Slide10 by m3Atl0afman

Whirlwind vs Rainbow Dash (Skylanders vs My Little Pony)

Slide4 by m3Atl0afman

Danny Phantom vs Gentleman Ghost (Nickelodeon vs DC Comics)

Slide3 by m3Atl0afman

Ryu vs Leonardo (Street Fighter vs TMNT [2003])

Slide18 by m3Atl0afman

Karai vs Ashi (TMNT [2003] vs Samurai Jack)

Slide6 by m3Atl0afman

Samurai Jack vs Uzu Sanageyama (Samurai Jack vs Kill la Kill)

Slide14 by m3Atl0afman

Hyper Blossom vs Nonon Jakuzure (Powerpuff Girls Z vs Kill la Kill)

Slide8 by m3Atl0afman

Mako Mankanshoku vs Rolling Bubbles (Kill la Kill vs Powerpuff Girls Z)

Slide9 by m3Atl0afman

Starfire vs Blaze the Cat (Teen Titans vs Sonic the Hedgehog)

Slide21 by m3Atl0afman

Teen Titans vs Kids Next Door

Slide11 by m3Atl0afman

Sho Minazuki vs Scharlachrot (Persona 4 Arena vs Arcana Heart)

Slide23 by m3Atl0afman

Catherine Kyohbashi vs Toby (Arcana Heart vs Battleborn)

Slide24 by m3Atl0afman

Crow vs Kira Daidohji (Nefarious vs Arcana Heart)

Slide12 by m3Atl0afman

Dipper Pines vs Morty Smith (Gravity Falls vs Rick & Morty)

Slide15 by m3Atl0afman

Labrys vs Mei Fang (Persona 4 Arena vs Arcana Heart)

Slide16 by m3Atl0afman

Silk vs Juri Han (Marvel vs Capcom)

Slide19 by m3Atl0afman

Jake Long vs Juniper Lee (Disney vs Cartoon Network)

Slide22 by m3Atl0afman

Guts vs Eddie Riggs (Berserk vs Brutal Legend)

  • These will be done in no particular order along with the other matches I have claimed in the past.
  • Shouts to :iconnocturnbros: for the cool thumbnail template.
  • Shouts to :icondoctormoodb: for Leonardo vs Ryu.
  • Shouts to :iconghostbloodbath: for a good number of these ideas.
  • Natsu vs Luffy and JonTron vs Markiplier were sold to me by TendoTheGamer on January 4th, 2017. I am stating this because I had yet to make the information more well known since then and I have been made aware of some who had also tried to secure those matches after that date.
  • I may or may not do JonTron vs Markiplier based on the recent stuff going on. I'm only listing it here for the records of having claimed it. I am currently not interest in selling it either. Whether or not I decide to do it, it's not happening for a while.
  • All images/fanart used belong to their respective owners, I own none seen here.
  • If you see a match you already own, please let me know and present proof of having claimed it prior to either January 4th or April 20th, 2017. I will then drop the match if it checks out. Thanks!


m3Atl0afman's Profile Picture
Raymond Nuñez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Raymond Nuñez (Ray for short), known better online as m3Atl0afman.
I'm a YouTuber, documentarian, cartoon/anime artist, producer, editor and writer.
Hobbies include storytelling, gaming, vs matches, attending pop-culture conventions, and drawing a rainbow-haired hula girl.

Age: 20
Current Residence: Bronx, NY
Favorite style of art: Cartoon/Anime
Operating System: A device that appears to run on some form of electricity.
MP3 player of choice: Tablet. (3DS when former is out of reach.)
Shell of choice: The ones that protect me from plumbers.
Wallpaper of choice: Changes often. Mostly based on photos of friends or characters I love.
Skin of choice: Years later, I still dunno what that means.
Favorite cartoon/anime/video game characters: The Powerpuff Girls (original & Z), The Mane Six, Ryuko Matoi, Little Mac, Samus Aran, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lucario, Ditto, Latios/Latias, Sceptile, Spider-Man, Captain America, Optimus Prime, Konata Izumi.
Personal Quote: "It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right."


Quick heads-up: I'm currently in the process of updating Spike vs BJ's prelude, so for the next couple of days, you may notice some images and analysis cards missing from the rundown. Worry not, as I am slowly but surely replacing certain images with gifs or placing them elsewhere in the analysis.

Junior's section is almost done being updated, and Spike is following after. Should be done long before February ends. After that, I can finish writing the remaining half of the fight and start putting it out. Soon after, on to Timmy vs Twilight.

Thanks for sticking by me guys. Hope you guys enjoy both the updates and the end products.
So that episode ended exactly how I thought it always should. Props, SA. <3
Definitely going in the favorites.
Check out my full thoughts/prediction on Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie here:…
Good news folks, my co-host/researcher finally got back to me and we've determined the outcome for Spike vs BJ. It'll require some streamlining in various areas, but we're at least finally able to move forward.

As stated before, the fight is halfway-finished in terms of writing. Illustrations still need to be done as well afterwards. Hopefully it can be out by the end of December? If not, January. Look forward to it! :)


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