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Timmy VS Twilight | The Gauntlet (Prelude 2/2)
Lance: Hey guys! Before heading into Twilight's portion of this prelude, make sure you check out Timmy's portion first, along with our opening statements and disclaimers. It's important that you read all of that before moving forward. You can find it right below. 
Intro & Timmy Turner:

Ace: If you're returning from there, welcome back and thanks! One thing to note before we continue: there will be spoilers for both the Friendship is Magic Season 7 finale and the My Little Pony Movie. If you guys have seen them already, then you have nothing to worry about. But do be aware that in order to properly review Twilight, we must explicitly mention events that occur in these. So we encourage you to go watch those first before moving along. With that out of that way, let's pick right back up. Here goes.
Twilight S
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 13 7
Timmy VS Twilight | The Gauntlet (Prelude 1/2)

(cue Anime Orchestra! XY & Z (Pokémon XY & Z) [Full Version])

Ace: Magic. It comes in many different forms, with many different properties, serving many different purposes. But universally, it is an unexplainable source of supernatural energy that, depending on the user, can alter reality on a whim, change the world around them, and potentially influence the course of events. Throughout history, many have shown proficiency in utilizing their special gifts, but today we explore two memorable magic-users famous for utilizing their own forms of magic to save the day.
Lance: Ohhh man, it's finally time. We've been working on this for years. While it may not look like it at first glance, both of these two beloved fighters 
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 19 19
Prelude: Ravager vs. Gwenpool


Lance: Mercenaries; they come in wide varieties, whether they're man or woman, strong or sleek, vengeful or outright insane! But they do whatever it takes to terminate the issue and collect their bounty. If you come face-to-face with one of these guys, don't judge them by their looks; it's their skills that count!
Ace: Such is the case when it comes to these crazy but deadly mercs.

Ace: The Ravager, Rose Wilson.
Lance: And The Unbelievable Gwenpool! He's Ace & I'm Lance.
Ace: Today we're examining their armor, arsenal and abilities to conclude who would win The Gauntlet.

Lance: Rose Wilson, aka the Ravager is the badass vigilante daughter of Slade Joseph Wilson and a prostitute. Trained to be a remorseless killer, she--
Ace: Uhh, actually Lance, we're talk
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 13 7
Twilight Sparkle reports into The Gauntlet! (prev)
Lance: Welcome back folks!
Ace: Glad you guys decided to join us for another preview of our prelude analysis! Last time, we reviewed Timmy Turner's rundown in brief. Now it's time to take a look at his opponent, Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Ace: Before we begin, a couple notes to take into account:
Twilight will be able to utilize any and every spell or ability she has used or clearly witnessed (and can realistically replicate) from throughout the series, including the show, comics and films.As the aforementioned forms of medium are currently ongoing at the time of writing, Twilight's prelude information is subject to receive changes and/or new additions up until the final results of the fight are released.This likewise applies to her opponent.As her opponent is allowed access to other tools, abilities and forms via external sources, Twilight likewise is allowed to receive abilities and forms attr
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 5 13
Timmy Turner poofs into The Gauntlet! (preview)
Lance: Hey everyone! Ace and Lance here, back from taking a break from that totally-lit dragon v. dragon showdown!
Ace: And as they say, with one story's end, comes another's beginning! Timmy vs Twilight, a fight that has been in literal development for years, is finally coming soon!
Lance: But not soon enough, so we decided to whip up some special treats for you guys as you wait for this next fight!
Ace: Indeed, and that's in the form of previews of our prelude analysis.
So let's take a look at the combatants, starting with Timmy Turner of The Fairly OddParents.

Ace: As brought to our attention by some long-time enthusiasts of The Fairly OddParents, there have been questions, concerns and more about how exactly we are approaching this; how much of Timmy's "arsenal" we are including? Will Timmy have access to Cosmo & Wanda? Are any extended cast members going to be involved?
Lance: Well this is our show, and this
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 10 16
Jungle Island Luau - Raymond (redesign) by m3Atl0afman Jungle Island Luau - Raymond (redesign) :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 2 0 Jungle Island Luau - Rainbow Dash (redesign) by m3Atl0afman Jungle Island Luau - Rainbow Dash (redesign) :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 5 0
Mirage Begins Anew in DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Mirage
aka: Mira
First Appearance: Ponycon Twitter (July 22, 2016); Ponycon: New Beginnings (2016)
Species: Draconequus
Age Range: Adolescent
Height: Unknown, taller than an average-sized equine (presumably interchangeable)
Weight: Unknown (presumably interchangeable)
Residence: Friendship Park, Manehattan, Equestria
Occupation: Trickster, Artist, Designer, Storyteller, Ponycon Staff, Mascot
Affiliations: Bowtie, Tiebreaker, Ponycon, various residents and national heroes of Equestria
    Years ago, a peculiar egg was taken from an unknown location, and was transported among others to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 9 1
Spike vs Bowser Jr | Fight! (Part 2/2)
(Author's Note: This is a researched fight. Make sure you read the prelude analysis first before reading onward.
Click here to head on over and read it.
Also, this is part two of a two-part fight. Make sure to read part one first to read where this fight began.

Lastly, please be respectful in the comments. Otherwise you will be blocked along with your comment. Thanks!)

[Picking up from the previous part...]
Both Shadow Mario and Garbunkle stared each other down for a good moment, both awaiting the other’s first move.
Junior slightly took off his bandana (but retained his shadowy appearance) to charge up a blast of fire. In response, Garbunkle also charged his own fire blast.
Both had each other close in their line of sight as they concentrated on their attack. There was no holding back now, as both fire-breathing assistants to royal leaders were now fi
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 23 69
Spike vs Bowser Jr | Fight! (Part 1/2)
(Author's Note: This is a researched fight. Make sure you read the prelude analysis first before reading onward.
Click here to head on over and read it.
Also, this is part one of a two-part fight. Make sure to read part two for the remaining half of the fight and results.
Lastly, please be respectful in the comments. Otherwise you will be blocked along with your comment. Thanks!)

Ace: And so, The Gauntlet is thrown. Could Bowser Jr's thick hide and set of equipment conquer the baby dragon, or could Spike's tough scales and raw firepower triumph over the Koopa prince?
Lance: Only one way to find out! It's time for a right-hand dragon showdown!

    It was early noon in the land of Equestria. As always, the citizens of Ponyville were happily going about their normal lives. Two residents of this town, on
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 24 17
m3Atl0afman - Simple Reference Sheet (2017) by m3Atl0afman m3Atl0afman - Simple Reference Sheet (2017) :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 2 3 Hula Rainbow Dash - Why Does She Dance? by m3Atl0afman Hula Rainbow Dash - Why Does She Dance? :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 3 0
[SNEAK PREVIEW] Spike VS Bowser Jr | The Gauntlet
(NOTE: If you have not read the prelude analysis for this match-up, I highly recommend reading it over here):

What you're about to read is a short sneak-peak at the first couple of paragraphs for the battle portion of Spike vs Bowser Jr.
As of posting this, the fight is currently being written, and in the meantime, I thought I'd tide you guys over with a little bit of what's to come. I hope you guys enjoy it, I'm having a lot of fun writing it.
A quick note is that there is an excuse plot prior as to why the two are fighting, but I decided against including it here as it's a bit long, and I figured you'd guys like to see more of the combat besides the story. In addition, I will also be including fully-illustrated pictures of some of the scenes from the fight as well. Lastly, what you're about to read is technically tentative, meaning some scenes and/or dialog
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 3 0
Hula Rainbow Dash - Headstanding by m3Atl0afman Hula Rainbow Dash - Headstanding :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 5 0
Spike VS Bowser Jr [Prelude] | The Gauntlet
The F.U.N. Channel Presents…
In association with RDL Studios & Team Triforce

Inspired by ScrewAttack’s DEATH BATTLE!

The Gauntlet: Spike VS Bowser Jr

Researchers & Hosts:

Ray “m3Atl0afman” Nuñez as Ace; Lawrence “RoyalDudeLorenzo” Azure as Lance

Written by:

Ray “m3Atl0afman” Nuñez

(cue Fighting Stars (Off-Vocal))
Ace: When a warrior is born and raised into leading a community towards their ideal image of lifestyle, they're usually not alone. An assistan
:iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 19 24
Hula Rainbow Dash Welcomes You to the Island! by m3Atl0afman Hula Rainbow Dash Welcomes You to the Island! :iconm3atl0afman:m3Atl0afman 5 0


yugioh 5 kings  by ALANMAC95 yugioh 5 kings :iconalanmac95:ALANMAC95 154 30 Ancient Tablet by toailuong Ancient Tablet :icontoailuong:toailuong 141 7
**UPDATED 12/13/17** Overall Commission board
What's good, I'm in need of a little more money so i'm opening up to do some quick small sprite commissions.
 (Single pose) Doing these for $30 USD
 (single pose) Doing these kind of designs for $10
 (Single pose) Doing these kind of designs for $5
 (Single Pose) Kirby OC designs for $5
 Flat colored pixel arts for $8 (Extra $4 for each additional character within the pixel art)
*NEW* 12/13/17 PIXELARTS
  Head to shoulders- $35
 Half body/Thigh cutter- $45
Basic Spritesheet: Run, Walk, Jump, 6 kicks, 6 punches, Idle, Blocks, 10 Extras
  Sonic the Hedgehog inspired spritesheets - $125
 Maplestory OC spritesheets- $150
 Kirby inspired spritesheets - $130
Examples of work:
[link] Maple story animation (Personal): 
[link] Guts V Kirito
:iconthewindtunnell:TheWindTunnell 5 1
Cider ponies (COMMISSION) by Osipush Cider ponies (COMMISSION) :iconosipush:Osipush 323 28 Flying Mane 6 and Starlight by Osipush Flying Mane 6 and Starlight :iconosipush:Osipush 424 30
Attention ALL DEVIANTART DB WRITERS! (or whatever)
Forgive me as I NEVER use DeviantArt...

October 31th, 2016 marked the day where I began my journey as... a director/animator/guru person. This was the release of White Ranger vs. Leonardo on (now discontinued) Just Another Crossover Fighting Show. About a year and a month later, and I am leading Crossover X, the former show rebranded. It's been some ride, and I decided that I'm going to give back to the DA and VS community in the best way I can. By how? By giving the best damn assets, animations, and advice, that's what! (Also making sure CX becomes extremely big or something)
Very soon. 
Talking Sonic running up on ya' spot soon, I'll be starting/picking up where LK Sixty-Four left off. Creating animations for the good old folks in this community, but upping the ante by also providing custom thumbnails, analysis slides, character select screens, services like ghostwriting, whatever. I'll also b
:icondjtiki:DJTiki 20 3
Hellboy Gives DEATH BATTLE Hell to Pay!

-Real Name: Anung Un Rama
-First Appearance: Dime Press #4.
-Species: Humanoid Half-Demon.

-Has protected Earth from all kinds of threats several times.
-When he was eight joined the B.P.R.D.  
-Became adept in many supernatural and paranormal subjects.
-Fought several supernatural beings.
-In 1952, was granted honorary human status.
-Slayed the Saint Leonard worm.
-Tracked down the infamous Countess Ilona Kakosy and killed her.
-Killed Grigori Rasputin.
-Denied his own fate of being an evil being.
-Found a man that bought Liz back to life.
-Killed Ualac.
-Stopped The Conqueror Worm.
-Went on several other adventures.
-Teamed up with Batman at one point.
-Beat Brainiac (Non-canon).

-Possesses superhuman strength.
-Should be able to lift 2 tons.
:icontrident346:Trident346 50 22
Mature content
Nigel Uno VS Conan Edogawa - DEATH BATTLE! :iconcbthedeathbattler:CBTheDeathBattler 9 12
Prelude | Godlike

Charlotte: Rage. Anger. Two of the strongest and most destructive emotions of a human.
T: Holy shit... Finally... Well, anyway, it's not like you'd know something about that, would you? Neither of you, actually.
Rex: But even with that in mind, you wouldn't expect emotions to be weaponized in the way that today's two fighters did.
T: Well I guess you would know something about it since you're a bigger green ball of anger than the god damn Hulk-
Rex: Shut.
T: Alright.
Rex: Akuma, the Raging Demon.
Charlotte: And Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta.

First Appearance: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (23rd of February 1994)
Full/Real Name: Akuma
AKA: Gouki,
:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 21 22
Console Wars by Drawloverlala Console Wars :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 1,639 289 Simply Doodles by JamesmanTheRegenold Simply Doodles :iconjamesmantheregenold:JamesmanTheRegenold 1,461 218 333 by Saiprin 333 :iconsaiprin:Saiprin 285 4 Random: Fire Man in the Steel Mill by Zacmariozero Random: Fire Man in the Steel Mill :iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 13 0 Ice Volcano by soon38 Ice Volcano :iconsoon38:soon38 68 4 Sacri F Paladir by tchokun Sacri F Paladir :icontchokun:tchokun 290 14 Grey resin FinalShots YellowStar 2500pixels 2 by HazardousArts Grey resin FinalShots YellowStar 2500pixels 2 :iconhazardousarts:HazardousArts 84 2



Hey guys! Time for an update journal!

Before anything, go check out this awesome Bowser Jr bio made by the awesome :iconzoomdooge123:! This is technically a collaboration between us both, as I helped contribute a good portion of information from my prior prelude with the little guy. Big thanks to him for making it, using the info I had, and finally giving Junior the bio he's deserved for quite some time. ^_^

Prince Bowser Koopa Jr.
Height: Most likely ~3'11"
Weight: Unknown, is light or medium in Mario Kart
Age: Most likely ~5-10
Species: Koopa

-Managed to be Bowser's best army member
-Usually goes toe-to-toe with Mario
-Actually did beat Mario and Luigi once
-One of the Mushroom Kingdom's smartest enemy
-Successfully framed Mario for "vandalizing" Delfino Plaza
-Managed to conquer the Baseball Kingdom with little help from Bowser
-Could take on Bowser himself
-Along with his father, stole all the Mini Stars in sight
-Successfully revived Bowser
-Got into Super Smash Brothers

-Could drag Bowser with some difficultly
-Could carry Princess Peach and run away from Mario easily
-Tossed Dry Bowser over his head (about 30 lbs. if you're 200 lbs.)
-Can easily lift a giant metal sphere
-Hung to a Bullet Bill from Stonehenge to England (80 miles)
-Threw/kicked a Koopa shell hard enough to one shot

Moving on! It's finally that time. Timmy vs Twilight, research-wise, is nearing completion. (Or at least as complete as I could make it.) Had to look through a lot of material (the shows, films, books, comics, games, tie-in material, etc). Surprisingly, these characters have a lot to offer in the context of a vs match, and there's a lot of stuff I won't even be able to mention, mostly because they either wouldn't really fit into a Death Battle, no longer have it, etc. Besides obviously trying to figure out how I want to go about creating this fight and managing other obligations both online and personally, it stands to reason why this took over five years.

Timmy vs Twilight thumb e1 by m3Atl0afman

[Timmy art: abracatastrophes ; Twilight art: NineDoodles]

(Huge shout out to abracatastophes for allowing me to use the art! Be sure to check out his awesome (& adorable) work in the link above! Also check out NineDoodles' work above, who's doing commissions!)

For those unaware, I mentioned last month that because of how long both bios ended up becoming, I had to split them off into two separate bios. With that said, should all go according to plan and I don't feel the need to add anything more to it, Timmy's portion of the prelude will be releasing first this coming Friday, October 27th.

I would release both Timmy and Twilight at the same time, but I'm doing this way for two reasons:
  1. So that there is an adequate amount of spacing in-between releases, giving each character their own day to shine. I wouldn't want one or the other to be overshadowed or have barren comment sections while the other attains more because of the reader reading them back-to-back. At least not upon release.
  2. The season 7 finale for My Little Pony has yet to air on American television as of this journal, and I wouldn't want to release Twilight's bio one day before it does since it will reference the events of this finale. I'm aware that these episodes have been leaked and can be publicly viewed anytime online, but I would rather stick to supporting the official airing. That said, I have not yet seen these episodes, and will wait until I do to completely finish Twilight's portion. But for the most part, it is pretty much finished minus a few necessary touch-ups. (Also yes I have seen the Movie in theaters, and accounted for events from that too.)
As for when Twilight's portion will be out, I'm gonna make an educated guess and say sometime between Saturday, October 28th and Friday, November 4th. Depends on when I can get it done and if enough time has passed since Timmy's came out. After that, my focus will be on the fight itself, and I got a lot of ideas planned for that. It may or may not also involve some collaborations if I'm able to make it happen.

One last thing, check this out:

The Gauntlet now has an official opening video! It's gained the approval of a couple friends of mine and I think that it came out great! Check it out when possible! :)

That's pretty much it for now! Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy the upcoming prelude!


m3Atl0afman's Profile Picture
Raymond Nuñez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Raymond Nuñez (Ray for short), known better online as m3Atl0afman.
I'm a YouTuber, documentarian, cartoon/anime artist, producer, editor and writer.
Hobbies include storytelling, gaming, vs matches, attending pop-culture conventions, and drawing a rainbow-haired hula girl.

Age: 21
Current Residence: Bronx, NY
Favorite style of art: Cartoon/Anime
Operating System: A device that appears to run on some form of electricity.
MP3 player of choice: Tablet. (3DS when former is out of reach.)
Shell of choice: The ones that protect me from plumbers.
Wallpaper of choice: Changes often. Mostly based on photos of friends or characters I love.
Skin of choice: Years later, I still dunno what that means.
Favorite cartoon/anime/video game characters: The Powerpuff Girls (original & Z), The Mane Six, Ryuko Matoi, Little Mac, Samus Aran, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lucario, Ditto, Latios/Latias, Sceptile, Spider-Man, Captain America, Optimus Prime, Konata Izumi.
Personal Quote: "It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right."


Just came up with a bunch of awesome ideas for Timmy vs Twilight's fight today! Hope you guys are looking forward to that! I'm still working on it even with work from JACFS & TFC piling up! ;)
Hey guys, just wanted to post an update relating to Timmy vs Twilight!
The prelude isn't done as of right now (it's pretty large, and I can only consider Timmy's section complete, provided nothing else comes up).

However, to tide you guys over, I'm gonna take a note from ScrewAttack and put out some "previews" for the prelude. They obviously won't be the complete versions of them because I want you guys to be able to read the full versions, but they should tide you over until then.

Gonna be posting Timmy's preview very soon, so I hope you guys look forward to that. I've been excited to share his side of things for the longest time. (You guys will get to see Twilight's side of things later.)


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